What to Expect

What to Expect

Usually the day will start about a half hour or so before sunrise and end about half hour after sunset. The days are long so make sure that you bring enough food and drinks to last you through the day.

When we arrive at the field we will check the layout blinds to make sure that they are concealed and located in the best positions for the day, we will possibly need to add more stubble to the layout blinds and would like to encourage everybody to pitch in when needed.

We use the best electronic callers and sounds that are on the market. We use Final Approach layout blinds.

We will be hunting with approximately 1800 plus decoys on an average day. The decoys that we use are mostly custom made and painted specifically for Black Tip Adventure. We also use some Deadly decoys, North Winds, and Silosocks.

We prefer sock decoys due to the fact that they are more life like with the way they move in the wind,.

Weather does play a major role in the outcome of your spring snow goose harvest; we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us.

Snow Geese are very smart and one of the hardest birds to decoy, they have been hunted from Texas all the way north and they are very unpredictable. On an average day you can harvest 10-50 snow geese, and on a good to you can harvest 100 plus!

As on any hunt we have had zero birds harvested in a day. Keep in mind that we are hunting strictly migratory birds and there are no guarantees, that is why we recommend that you book at least a 3 or 4 day hunt.

We do watch the migration regularly in order to put you right in the path of the migration to give you the best possible chance for a successful hunt.

Hunters are responsible for cleaning their own birds unless other arrangments are made. There will be no cleaning of birds on the property that we are hunting.

South Dakota law requires that you leave one wing on each bird for species identification purposes.

There is no limit per hunter but no possession limit. Unplugged guns and electronic callers are legal.